About Us

We are a IT consultancy company with a technology and process oriented approach as the foundation of all our service offerings. Our goal is that our development experience should help you achieve success. Our strength lies in our ability to solve complicated, non-traditional problems within a limited timescale - simultaneously adhering to the highest quality standards.

Whether it is building a specialized application that collects, analyzes and integrates data from a variety of data sources; whether its building a unique database application or tailoring an existing commercial software product to meet new requirements - our offshore software development processes are designed to deliver user-friendly, maintainable and fully-documented systems.

At Aricom Solutions Limited we are dedicated to providing cutting edge and seamless IT consultancy services ranging from softwarwe development, system integration, hardware procurement, logistic solutions, document management and cooporate training.

We are are confident that our solutions is what your organization required to optimize the utilization of IT infrastructure, reduce over head cost, fast track project delivery and above all stay in the business and surpasses your competitor

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