Online Insurance

Key Business Issues

  • Automate all insurance business processes.
  • Automate downloadable claims form online.
  • Automate insurance policy forms to be filled online.
  • Automate policy administration online.
  • Automate client and broker reports online.
  • Instant notification for policy/claims forms filled online.

Solutions For Approach

  • Designed and developed all downloadable and policy forms online.
  • Developed an Automatic Notification System for policy and claims forms filled on line.
  • Made available online client and broker reports.
  • Designed and developed daily publishing of data from the in-house insurance solution to the online insurance solution.


  • Online insurance forms (i.e. Motor Accident, Life & Travel Cover)
  • Online claims forms.
  • Automatic Notification Service via emails.
  • Clients and Brokers Reports.
  • Policy Administration.

Our Clients

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